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Is China cheating?

Is China cheating?
China’s membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) requires it to open its doors to imports. And, yes, imports are certainly increasing into China. But very selectively. Several months back Guangdong officials, for example, made a publicized big play about how customs would be streamlined so that importing wo [...]

Who’s for the chop?

Who’s for the chop?
Think you’re safe with your supply contracts in China? Got signed confirmation of orders? Got emails confirming everything? Supplier signed your legal contract? Think again! Signatures are virtually worthless if you have a dispute that goes to court in China. Likewise emails. What you need is the chop. Documents w [...]

Is there life after the US$ drops bel...

Is there life after the US$ drops below the 6.5 Yuan mark?
With the Chinese Yuan (RMB) now firmly at 6.48 against the US$ the doomsday protaganists are already forecasting the demise of China as the world’s mega exporter of inexpensive goods. For sure the sneaker and T-shirt manufacturers will be scurrying off the Bangladesh, Vietnam or Ethiopia where labor rates are still [...]

Guangdong government plans even great...

Guangdong government plans even greater growth and foreign investment
The Guangdong Government has got plans to push forward foreign investement of the year 2011 around the Pearl River Delta areas. 34% of all China exports come from this region. According to, the biggest Chinese online news and media resource, on Tuesday April 26 2011 the Guangdong provincial government announced [...]