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Die Casting: Developments, History an...

Die Casting
Our six part article delves into the history and latest developments within this metal casting process. With informative videos, a discussion on the process in China and a list of the type of products produced, you will get all the information you need and more. In this Article: Page 1: A look at the History Page 2: [...]

Permanent Mold Gravity Casting

Permanent Mold Gravity Casting
Our comprehensive look at the permanent mold gravity casting process will take you through the history as well as the type of products that can be made using this process. We will move on to the casting process as it is in China today, the pros and cons, and the modern day research and developments taking place that puts [...]

A Comprehensive look at Sand Casting ...

Sand Casting
This article focusses on sand casting and more specifically on aluminium sand casting, taking you through its earlier history, the types of products that are produced using this metal casting method, the process in China today, the benefits and constraints of the process, as well some great videos produced by ChinaSavvy [...]

Lost Foam Casting – The history, proc...

Lost Foam Casting – The history, process and modern day developments
In This Article: Page 1: History Page 2: Products Made Page 3: The Process in China Page 4: The Advantages and Disadvantages Page 5: Developments within the Industry Page 6: Explanatory Videos History An evolution of investment casting process, the first variant of this particular casting process first ap [...]

The Definitive Guide to Investment Ca...

The Definitive Guide to Investment Casting in China
Also known as Lost Wax Casting, Investment Casting is a process that has a rich history with its roost well centred in 5 000 B.C. Very well established in history, particularly in China, this casting process still continues to develop for new applications in a wide variety of materials for an ever wider market applicatio [...]