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Tolerances in Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

Standard fabrication tolerances are grouped into three categories:

  1. Essential Tolerances
  2. Functional Tolerances
  3. Special Tolerances


Essential Tolerances

This category entails the limits of the allowed deviations for both the resistance and stability of the structure.

Functional Tolerances

The functional tolerances category entails the limits of the allowed deviation to the appearances ad fit-ups. Here, two classes of deviations are giving:

Class 1:
This is the default for routine fabrications and is less tedious.

Class 2:
This class requires special and expensive measures in both fabrication and erection.

Special Tolerances

This category applies to individual projects where special tolerances are specified. This can be either for aspects that are not covered in other categories, or for functional and essential tolerances.

ChinaSavvy categorizes general fabrication tolerances into three different groups:

  1. Grade A
  2. Grade B
  3. Grade C


Grade A

This is the tightest tolerance at ChinaSavvy and has a higher scrap rate allowance. It also undergoes a greater and more frequent Quality Control (QC) Inspections, using more specialized QC Equipment, and offers better tooling and jigs.

Grade B

Also known as our standard tolerance, this grade has a standard scrap rate and standard QC inspections. Furthermore, this tolerance is known for its standard tooling and its use of standard QC equipment.

Grade C

This is ChinaSavvy’s broader tolerance and entails a low scrap rate allowance, random and sample QC inspections alongside possible low cost tooling. Limited QC equipment is required for this tolerance grade.

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