The Guangdong Government has got plans to push forward foreign investement of the year 2011 around the Pearl River Delta areas. 34% of all China exports come from this region.

According to, the biggest Chinese online news and media resource, on Tuesday April 26 2011 the Guangdong provincial government announced its planned goals of the year 2011 to boost up foreign investment in the Pearl River Delta.

Details are as follows:
• The net increase in foreign investment within the Guangdong province in 2010 will reach to at least 8%
• The growth of contracted foreign capital will reach to at least 35%
• More Fortune 500 and world-class foreign-invested enterprises will be brought into the Pearl River Delta
• Significant investment growth within existing foreign enterprises is desired
• At least 40% of the exported items are expected to be self-branded products with western commissioned designs
• At least 8% targeted growth in domestic sales of manufacturing trade