Well we are still here – after several more visits from our Triad “friends”.

After being substantially scared after our first encounters our fears changed to anger.  Why should we be subject to extortion when we are the ones who have suffered substantial losses already.  We replaced, at our cost, all the faulty products that the supplier (the paymasters of the Triads) had delivered to us.

So we decided to fight.  There was no way we could fight the Triads ourselves but we could hit back hard at their paymasters.

Following the meeting with our lawyers, the Triads (masquerading as “shareholders”) and their paymasters in which they openly confirmed that they had no intention of spending money on court fees and lawyers, they said they would do things “their way”.  That night they admitted in a phone call to our lawyers that our visitors were not shareholders but hired to extort the money out of us.

I immediately travelled down to Hong Kong for meetings with our Hong Kong lawyers.  As the parent company of the supplier was a HK corporation we filed a criminal complaint with the HK police and then issued a writ for all the monies we had lost because of the faulty products.

Back in Guangzhou, China I finally managed to file another complaint with the police through friends and contacts I had there.  Eventually the British Consulate contacted the Chinese police to express their concerns and the pressure started to mount on the paymasters.

This seemed to have little effect on the Triads who regularly arrive at the office to make sure we know they are still there.  But we know that if we give an inch they will sense weakness.  For now we are waiting for the outcome of the HK case.

Episode 3 to follow