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Calculate the weight used when sending by air freight

It is an international convention for air freight carriers to charge for weight or volume, whichever is greater.
Here’s a simple and fast way of finding what weight you will be charged for.


Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Enter (optional) the product name, reference number and description.  This will be useful if you decide to print out the results later.
  2. Enter the dimensions of the carton or container, it should me measured in centimetres (CM).
  3. Enter the weight of the item, try to be as accurate as you can.
  4. Press “Calculate”.

What the results will tell you

Your results will show in the box on the right.  This is what they will tell you:

  1. The first column will show you the dimensions used in the calculations. These will match those that you have entered on the form to the left.
  2. The Real Weight will show you the weight you have entered.
  3. The Volumetric Weight will show you the calculated weight based on the object's dimensions.
  4. You will then be told what weight (Real or Volumetric) will be used by the carrier, the final weight will be the higher of the two..

Please note that this calculator is intended only as a quick guide.

Your results will appear here.