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Calculate the volume and quantity per shipping container

Want to get a quick and easy calculation of how many of your product(s) will fit in a shipping container? 
Here’s a simple and fast way of doing it to get an approximate quantity.


Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Enter (optional) the product name, reference number and description.  This will be useful if you decide to print out the results later.
  2. Select “Metric” for cms and kgs or “Imperial” for inches and lbs.
  3. Enter the dimensions of the packaged product (either the inner carton or the outer shipping carton).
  4. Enter the carton weight (this is important for heavy products).
  5. Enter the quantity of products for the carton details you have just entered.  If the carton only holds one item enter “1”, otherwise enter the quantity per outer carton.
  6. Press “Calculate”

What the results will tell you

Your results will show in the box on the right.  This is what they will tell you:

  1. The first column – Containers – shows the type of shipping container.  For each type there is a Maximum Loading and a Low Loading.  Use the results for Maximum loading if you have small cartons and want to get the maximum number of items into the container.  Use the Low Loading if you have large cartons.
  2. The Cartons column shows the number of cartons you can fit in the container.
  3. The Total Items column is the number of items you can fit.
  4. The Weight column will show “OK” if the total weight is within the maximum weight normally allowed by various countries.  If the results show “Limited by Weight” then the Cartons and Total Items results are limited to the maximum allowed weight.
  5. If you are shipping by LCL or consolidated freight you will need to know the number of items per cubic metre (or per cubic foot). 

Please note that this calculator is intended only as a quick guide.  Actual loading will depend on accurate calculations based on how the items are loaded in the container and whether the dimensions of the cartons leave unusable space.


Your results will appear here.