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Advantages in Shipping from China

Shipping from China has a set of advantages that are surpassed by few. ChinaSavvy, based in Guangzhou, China, delivers a wide spectrum of industrial services and, with importing from China, you can take advantage of a number potential benefits.

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Potential Benefits

For labor intensive industries, importing from China can effectively help to reduce labor costs. When compared to other countries such as the US, management and technical personnel salaries are significantly lower, as are the rates for hourly type positions.

Supplies and Raw Materials:
There is a chance of reducing your material costs, but note that this factor will depend on the type of raw material used in your manufacturing process – this is seen for materials, such as copper and nickel, which prices are determined globally.
One of the biggest challenges here is finding and qualifying a reliable supplier. ChinaSavvy however takes care of all these aspects, making use of tried and tested suppliers, ensuring that your manufacturing chain benefits from the use of reliable partners.

China is a rising market and, within the last 50 years, has developed into a country with high tech manufacturing capabilities. Companies, such as ChinaSavvy, makes use of world class machinery from Germany, Japan and the US.

As seen in machining, various types of machines are employed for various results. ChinaSavvy is able to offer services using:

  • Chinese Built Machines: Employed in cases where tight tolerances and precision is not a requirement for part appearance or functionality. These machines are relatively inexpensive to incorporate and is capable of delivering low costs parts where precision is not of the utmost importance.
  • Taiwanese Built Machines: More expensive than the Chinese made machines, these machines are capable of delivering tighter tolerances and more precise parts. These parts are not as tight or precise as those manufactured using Japanese, German or US Machines, but still of such a nature as to meet some tolerance and precision part requirements.
  • Japanese, German and US Machines: These machines are the most expensive to employ, but parts delivered meet extremely accurate tolerances and precise components. These machines are especially recommended in cases where strict requirements have to be met.


Here, it is vital to know the part function and employ the needed machinery and equipment. While less precise parts can be produced using Chinese or Taiwanese machines, extremely precise and tightly toleranced parts require the use of more advanced machinery, which will cause an increase in equipment cost.

Savings in shipping from China can also be made in cases where German, US or Japanese machines are used in order to create a part where tolerance and precision is not a deciding factor in the part’s function or appearance.

Importing from China with ChinaSavvy

ChinaSavvy is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm and has produced world class engineering for over a decade. With offices in China, the US and the UK, our team works with a number of blue-chip companies in Australia, the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.

We operate to Western quality standards, and design and develop products in both metals and plastics. We handle logistics and shipping, manufacturing development, outsourcing as well as industrial manufacturing processes such as metal casting and precision machining.

Our engineering and quality control staff is lead by highly experienced Western managers. This helps us to ensure that, when t comes to importing from China, our clients get only the best in terms of products and service.

All the suppliers added to our database undergoes strenuous auditing and we deliver services ranging from sourcing high quality products in China, to sub-contract manufacturing.

You can learn more about what we do, shipping from China and how we work by visiting our Industrial Offshore Manufacturing in China page, or by contacting us directly.


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