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A Guide to Tooling Costs

If you are looking for low cost, high quality tooling, ChinaSavvy is right for you.

Located near the industrial heart of China, ChinaSavvy has access to multiple, high quality suppliers as well as a highly qualified, Western managed team of engineers and quality control staff. This enables us to acquire the highest quality tools at the most competitive price.

Low cost tooling is extremely important in terms of production prototyping and in projects where a lot of tooling is required. Different finished products may require anything from one to 50 different tools, increasing the cost of tooling and driving up production costs.

Tooling costs in China however can be between 1/3rd and 1/5th of the cost of tooling in the West – this makes a huge impact on the cost of the end product, especially in cases where the quantity of the end product required, is smaller. This lower tooling costs will, in turn, also drive down your production costs.

In order to manage tooling costs, our designers, cost engineers, sourcing professionals and suppliers are able to precisely determine the cost of tooling for any given part. Because of our unique manufacturing environment and access to a range of machine and process capabilities, ChinaSavvy has the upper hand when it comes to tooling and the costs associated with it.

Various factors influence the cost of tooling. Factors include the size of the tool, the material used to make the tool, the design and build of the tool, the complexity of the part that needs to be produced, the design requirements of the part itself, the finishing operations applied as well as the lifecycle of the tool. Note that each tool will highlight different factors that influences its cost.

The Benefits of Chinese Tooling from ChinaSavvy

Forming part of your production development costs, ChinaSavvy can effectively help you reap all the benefits associated with low tooling costs in China. Our unique expertise can benefit you in the following ways:

ChinaSavvy will manage your project and ensure that all your quality standards are met. Our high quality suppliers, and highly experienced team of Western engineers and quality control staff ensures that a quality tool is produced.

With tooling costs in China being between a 1/3rd and a 1/5th of that of Western tools, you can be sure that not only will your tooling costs be influenced in your favor, but, in turn, your production costs as well.

Lead Times:
Not only capable of providing lower cost tooling without influencing quality, ChinaSavvy is also able to deliver good lead times.

Operating to ISO 9001:2008 Standards, ChinaSavvy selects toolmakers that can meet Western quality standards without sacrificing the low cost associated with using these Chinese toolmakers. Because we understand that tools will not only influence the quality of the end product, but the price per unit as well, we are dedicated to delivering high quality tools that will meet all your requirements at low China prices.

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