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ChinaSavvy, based in Guangzhou, China, is a leading mining engineering company specializing in the production of mining equipment. Our highly trained teams are able to deliver services ranging from steel to iron castings, and products that range from crushing jaws to segments with cutting teeth.

Being one of the most experienced steel fabrication companies in China today, we operate to ISO 9001:2008 standards and deliver mining equipment that meet all the regulatory quality standards.

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Metal Fabrication in the Mining Industry

Metal fabrication processes are applied in order to manufacture a wide range of mining equipment such as crushing jaws, skids, hydraulic lifts, conveyor belts and a range of other support equipment. Mining engineering has become a vital field for the production of standard mining equipment as well as once off specialized pieces.

While more specialized mining engineering companies manufacture specific equipment to standards, other metal and steel fabrication companies produce catwalks, wear plates, safety guards, chutes and bins, to name but a few.

The mining engineering field requires the use of steel and iron castings, as well as fabrication process to manufacture mining equipment needed by the industry. Equipment manufactured are required to meet high standards and be resistant to impact, abrasion and wear.

ChinaSavvy’s Services

Our mining engineering team casts and fabricates various iron and steel parts for use in mining machines and equipment. We work with a number of materials and tolerances, adhering to strict world-class standards.

Because we are based in China, you can take advantage of the various benefits offered, ranging from a reduction in labor costs to a wide selection of machinery options.

From crushing jaws, segments with cutting teeth and pitmans, we are capable of delivering all your needed mining engineering equipment. Being accredited steel castings manufacturers, ChinaSavvy prides itself in delivering high quality steel and iron castings, and endeavors to be one of the most highly regarded steel fabrication companies in China today.

If you would like to learn more about our mining engineering services and our range of mining equipment, please feel free to contact us and speak to an experienced team member.

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