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ChinaSavvy, a world class engineering and manufacturing company, specializes in custom stainless steel fabrication, serving clients on a global scale and delivering high quality products. Our team of well trained and experienced fabricators are able to deliver a variety of services including finishing options as well as TIG welding services.

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Stainless steel is an iron alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium, with the addition of other alloying elements to enhance its structure and properties. Stainless steel are dived into three types including Austenitic, Ferritic and Martensitic, each group having their own set of characteristics and used for various applications.

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This material’s resistance to corrosion is caused by the natural occurring chromium-oxide film that forms on the surface of steel. A thin film, it is however extremely protective in a number of corrosive environments and adheres tightly to the steel.

The natural occurring chromium-oxide film is also capable of repairing itself if oxygen is present, meaning that damage done by machining, cutting or abrasion can be quickly repaired.

The following characteristics make stainless steel highly versatile and useful in a large number of applications:

  1. Stainless steel’s high resistance to corrosion.
  2. It’s excellent shear and tensile strength properties.
  3. It’s durability as well as some grades of stainless steel’s durability under high temperatures.
  4. Stainless steel has hygienic properties also makes it the choice material in food processing industries.


Other than this material’s industry associated advantages, it is also a material that poses a number of beneficial fabrication properties. The Austenitic group of stainless steels are particularly well suited for fabrication. While almost all standard fabrication processes can be used on this group of stainless steels, some processes are better suited with a particular grade and type.

Stainless steel fabrication is becoming a popular manufacturing process, simply because of the benefits stainless steel can offer end users.

Some of the outstanding qualities of stainless steel includes:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:
    Stainless steel can be finished in a number of ways. From Electrpolishing and coloring, to bead blasting and patterned finishes, the processes and end uses cover a wide scope of industry applications.
  2. Strength:
    The cold work hardening properties of stainless steel is used in a number of beneficial ways, including the incorporation of these properties into the design of the fabrication, resulting in a reduction in material thickness, cost and weight.
  3. Low and High Temperature Resistance:
    The different grades of stainless steel react differently to various temperatures. While some grades will maintain its strength at high temperatures resisting scaling, other grades will exhibit strength at low (and in some cases even cryogenic) temperatures. This beneficial characteristics opens up the use of stainless steel in a number of industries.
  4. Resistance to Corrosion:
    Probably one of the most widely known beneficial characteristic of stainless steel, different grades have different types of corrosion resistances. While highly alloyed stainless steels will resist corrosion in alkaline, acidic and chloride environments, low alloying stainless steels are capable of resisting corrosion in atmospheric conditions.
  5. Fabrication Ease:
    Most stainless steels are readily cut, welded, machined and formed. This makes using the material for custom stainless steel fabrication purposes relatively easy.
  6. Hygienic Characteristics:
    Because stainless steel is so easy to clean, it is a material used in various industries such as pharmaceutical processing facilities, kitchens, food processing and hospitals.
  7. Life Cycle:
    When it comes to life cycle cost comparisons, stainless steel will in many cases be the least long-term expensive option. Furthermore, stainless steel requires low maintenance and is durable.


Here at ChinaSavvy we employ both German and Japanese manufactured fabrication machines, enabling us to not only deliver quality fabricated components, but also align ourselves with global quality standards as well as your project budget and requirements.

For stainless steel sheet fabrication, we also offer the following services:

  1. CNC Laser Cutting:
    This is typically done using German Trumf laser cutting machines.
  2. CNC Punching:
    ChinaSavvy chooses to employ Trumf machines for CNC Punching processes.
  3. CNC Bending:
    Here, we mainly employ Japanese manufactured machinery.
  4. Welding:
    We are able to offer both manual and robot welding services.
  5. Finishing:
    With a number of finishing options available, you can read more by visiting our Stainless Steel Finishes page.


Our list of custom stainless steel fabrication services range from welded and seamless stainless steel tubing and bending, to a TIG Welding and wide selection of stainless steel finishes.

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