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Metal Fabrication Tolerances

Our dedicated team here at ChinaSavvy are specialized in the field of accurate metal fabrications. Producing high quality fabrications ranging from radar housing and generator cabinets, to air conditioner housing and brackets, our capabilities and access to the full range of the newest technologies allow us to fabricate accurate parts.

Using a number of machines, based on the part and tolerance requirements, ChinaSavvy is capable of delivering high quality parts at affordable prices. Learn more about the types of machines and precision machining services available as well as Machining Tolerances.

Because unnecessarily tight tolerances can increase costs, ChinaSavvy works with three different levels of tolerances. Note that these levels do not mean a drop in quality, but rather supplies broader tolerances when and where applicable, as well as in cases where specified by our customers.

Noted below our grades as well as how they will affect pricing:

  • Grade A – Tightest Tolerance
    • This grade has a higher scrap rate allowance, greater and more frequent Quality Control inspections, better tooling and jigs, and entails the use of more specialized Quality Control equipment.
  • Grade B – Standard Tolerances
    • This grade has a standard scrap rate and standard tooling, Quality Control inspections and standard Quality Control equipment.
  • Grade C – Broader Tolerances
    • This grade has a low scrap rate allowance, random sample Quality Control inspections, limited Quality Control equipment and possible low cost tooling.

Standard Fabrication Tolerances

Laser Cutting Tolerances


Punching Tolerances


Bending Tolerances


Stamping Tolerances


Welding Tolerances


Learn more about standard fabrication tolerances in terms of Standard Tubing Tolerances, Stainless Steel Strip Tolerances, Stainless Steel Sheet Tolerances, Cold Rolled Standard Gauges Tolerances as well as Hot Rolled Standard Gauges and Tolerances.

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