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Chinese lighting exports grow 20% per year

Chinese lighting exports grow 20% per year

Lighting exports from China's Guangdong province have increased by nearly 20% every year and exports in 2005 were around GBP 1.8 billion is a continuing trend.

In 2006, the massive growth in exports of lighting products and equipment from China's Guangdong province will increase still further to be worth more than GBP 2 billion. Said Christopher Devereux, CEO of ChinaSavvy, a specialist in sourcing lighting manufacturers in Guangdong for UK and European companies: 'Over the past three years, lighting exports from this region have increased by nearly 20% every year.

Exports in 2005 were around GBP 1.8 billion and we see this trend continuing.' He added: 'The main growth areas will be LED lighting, set to increase dramatically in 2006-2007, and household and architectural lighting.' With more than 15,000 lighting product manufacturers, 4,000 of which are export licensed, Guangdong is the world's largest area specialising in this sector.

Devereux believed that, while the quality of lighting products made in Guangdong is continually improving, most of the manufacturing companies still need the standard of their production methods to be monitored, which is where ChinaSavvy comes in.

A UK managed company based in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong ChinaSavvy manages complete production projects to ensure that quality control is consistently high and goods are always delivered on time and within agreed budgets.

With nine years' experience in the region, ChinaSavvy works to customers' own designs and employs bilingual engineers and QC specialists.