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We are pleased to inform you that the name of our company has been changed from Chinasavvy to Omnidex.

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16 years of manufacturing products in China

Chinasavvy has been manufacturing ISO 9001 quality engineering products and parts in China for over 15 years.  Our Western and Chinese directors and managers have up to nearly 20 years experience in providing world class quality products for  Western companies.

This portfolio, which is constantly being added to, shows both products/parts being manufactured by Chinasavvy and the processes used to make some of those products.

Many products that Chinasavvy manufacture, however, cannot be shown here because of Intellectual property restrictions.  Please, however, contact us if you want to know whether we have manufactured similar parts to the ones you want manufactured.

Products/processes displayed in this portfolio include the following processes:

1.     Casting

a.    Sand casting

b.    Permanent mold gravity casting

c.     Diecasting

d.    Investment casting (Precision)

e.    Lost foam casting

2.     Extrusion

a.    Aluminum

b.    Plastic

3.     Fabrication

a.    CNC Laser cutting

b.    5-axis laser cutting

c.     CNC Punching

d.    CNC Bending

e.    Stamping

f.      Tube bending

g.     Welding

h.    Robot welding

i.      Powder Coating

j.      Painting

k.     Plating

4.     Machining and Turning

a.    3-axis CNC machining

b.    4-axis CNC machining

c.     5-axis CNC machining

d.    CNC lathe turning

5.     Molding

a.    Injection molding

b.    Blow molding

c.     Rotational molding (casting)


Please contact us if you can’t find a specific process or product.

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