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7 compelling reasons why you should use Chinasavvy
as your preferred stainless steel fabricator


1. World-class quality
Chinasavvy is a western managed sub-contract manufacturer based in the heart of industrial China.  

We are stainless steel fabricators producing world-class quality stainless steel fabrications for US, UK, Australian and other countries large and SME companies in the industrial, mining, electronics and retail sectors.Chinasavvy is an accredited ISO 9001 company (annually audited by international inspectors) and we have a passion for producing world-class quality fabricated products for our customers.


2. China prices
China prices for fabrication are far below those of the US, UK, Australia or any other Western countries. And most grades of stainless steel are made in China so there is no need to import SS stock for fabrication.  

World fabrication pricesLabor is the single highest cost component and Chinese labor prices are still considerably below Western labor levels.

And China's supply chain of both materials and specialized components is second to none making simple and complex fabrications possible without additional import costs.  Special widgets and fasteners, SAE and metric, are nearly always available.  And shipping costs, too, are low from China to most Western countries.


3. Experience
Chinasavvy is no "jump-on-the-China-bandwagon" company. 10 years Western engineering management in ChinaWe've been established in Guangzhou since 2003 and now have locations in Guangzhou, Dongguan and Shanghai.  In fact we were outsourcing manufacturing as far back as 1996.  And all of this time we've maintained a western management structure with full-time western administrative and/or engineering managers resident in China.

Our experience in stainless steel fabrication is second to none.


4. Extensive manufacturing capabilities and capacity
Fabrication requirements can cover so many different manufacturing processes so its important that your fabricators are experts in all these processes.  Stainless steel sheet fabrication may require laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, welding and finishing. Or punching and stamping.  Stainless steel section and tubing requires other skills. Chinasavvy has all these skills and capacity.

But your stainless steel fabrication may require other processes such as casting (we are experts in sand casting, gravity casting, investment casting, die casting, lost foam casting and shell casting) or machining (we produce high quality machined parts using 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines as well as CNC turning/lathe work).


5.      Communications.

When you are outsourcing fabrication across continents and in countries with foreign languages communications become a critical decision factor. Chinasavvy has British 1st tier managers in China and all 2nd tier managers and engineers are bi-lingual in English/Chinese.

But bi-lingual communications don’t stop at that.  At Chinasavvy we know we have to communicate with our customers at one end and right down to machine operators at the other end.  So all our documentation is bi-lingual as well - including specifications, quality systems, etc.


6.      Reliability.

Choosing a stainless steel fabricator requires a lot of trust to make sure your fabricator is reliable as well as skilled.  Chinasavvy has built up a reputation with its customers for reliability as well as quality and engineering skills.  Chinasavvy is trusted across the board by both large multi-national companies and SMEs alike.  Some of our customers have been working with us for up to eight years.


6.      Engineering support.

Our engineers are fully qualified and managed by experienced Western staff.  We understand both Western engineering and quality requirements.  That’s why many of our customers use Chinasavvy not only for the fabrication of the product but also for product and engineering design and specifications.

We work, typically, in SolidWorks and Pro-E platforms but can also work and read AutoCad and other 2D or 3D engineering software.


Compare these 7 compelling reasons for using Chinasavvy with any other stainless steel fabricator.  Then get a quotation from us.  You’ll find we are very competitive as well.