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Laying claim to being the inventor of the sand casting process, China today still continues to develop the process.

Since 1985, China’s policy of giving central support to key industry sectors has seen great development in machinery manufacturing used in casting, directed through the mechanical and electrical ministry. The equipment sector serves both the domestic and international markets, with one of the largest sand casting equipment manufacturer being Chinese.

Some of the most notable developments in China includes the specialist machinery used for the automated production of cores, water glass and reclamation equipment, large scale sand blast cleaning equipment as well as development in the equipment used in mould making and the casting process itself.

Developments have also taken place in the types of materials used to produce sand moulds. The sand casting industry in China uses all types of polymers, sands and water glass found elsewhere in the world.

In China, many of the companies that produce aluminium sand castings focus on export work. These companies have won international recognition the award of internationally recognised quality standards for their work.

Taking a look at the industry in China from 1985 to date, the great strides of developments within the process are most certain. Initially starting as an aim to reduce its dependency on sourcing precision castings from overseas, China is today in the situation of being able to offer its’ new found capabilities and world-class expertise to international markets.

Increasingly seen in the modern Chinese production, automotive components are more frequently made of aluminium. For appropriately shaped components, they can be produced using sand casting processes.

Even though aluminium and the set up of the processes to cast aluminium are more expensive, it is one of the most straightforward ways to reduce the weight in a vehicle. The development of casting technologies and processes in China has followed this transfer, opening the door for further improvements that has led to it seeing a wider application in the marketplace.

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