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Aluminium extrusion is chosen as a manufacturing process because of:

  1. The benefits associated with the process;
    The process’ ability to produce long, continuous lengths of material with minimal waste is a great advantage to manufacturers. Extrusions also allows for the manufacturing of products with complex cross sections, be it for use in long lengths or for post processing in shorter lengths.
  2. Its capability to produce shapes that would have otherwise been difficult or impossible to produce;
    The process enables the production of complex detail within the cross section, removing the need for producing a single item from several parts. This might possible require the use of several materials and complex joining processes.

Examples of products made using extrusion include:

  • Decorative ironmongery
  • Glazing Components
  • Door thresholds and decorative trims
  • Chassis and frame components for trains and wider rail uses
  • Truck components, often associated with truck bodies
  • Heatsinks (for use in electronic applications)
  • Exhibition display components and shopfittings
  • Various car components (trim , decorative and components for car chassis)
  • Hinge assemblies, which are extruded in long lengths and then cut to length
  • Components used in the building industry, including extruded aluminium channels
  • Components needed for temporary structures, such as frames and hinges

In some cases, it can be hard to identify whether a component has been produced using aluminium extrusions, as it can undergo a range of post processes, which can include a simple stretch, sawing and complex machining.

A wide variety of finishing processes can also be applied, including painting, passivation and anodising. This in turn allows for a choice in colour, brightness, wear resistance and durability.

Essentially a simple process, the range of products that can be provided from aluminium extrusion is huge, ranging from structural components to aesthetic components.

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