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Metal fabricatorsVideo below

Looking for accurate metal fabricators?

Finding accurate metal fabricators can sometimes be quite a problem.  Even when you find them they can be very expensive and frequently make the metal fabrication project uneconomical.

Trumf CNC Laser Cutting

Trumf CNC Laser cutting

CNC Laser cutting head

Laser cutting head

Trumf CNC punching

Trumf CNC punching

Trumf CNC punching

CNC punching head

CNC Bending

CNC bending

CNC bending

CNC bending

Robot welding

Robot welding

Powder coating

Powder coating

Chinasavvy, an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer, is a world-class quality source of precision metal fabricators. Owned and managed by Western (UK and US) managers it has operated in China for over 10 years.  Reporting to the Western management are qualified Chinese engineers with a combined experience of over 50 years operating out of three offices in China.

metal fabrication 1.1 metal fabrication 1.2

stainless steel fabrication - radar housing 1

The big advantage of using Chinasavvy as your metal fabrication shop is that you get world-class quality at China

prices!  As custom metal fabricators we can deliver the quality you require without making a hole in your pocket.

Steel sheet fabrication - fuel tank
With access to the latest European, US and Japanese state-of-the-art equipment, Chinasavvy manufactures fabrications using CNC laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC bending, robot welding, powder coating, etc.  Videos below show some of these processes operating.

Flexibility in materials is also an important benefit for metal fabrication buyers.  Chinasavvy typically manufactures to customers’ specifications including mild steels, stainless steels, aluminum sheet and profiles and other special alloys.

Our experience includes work in many different fields from simple hardware products to large dispensers to radar housing to medical applications and many more.

Working to ISO-9001 standards, Chinasavvy produces real value.  Get a quote from us for all your fabrication needs.

Each of the processes involved in metal fabrication have different tolerances.  In addition, depending on the process, different machines have varying tolerances which, in turn, affect the pricing of the final part or product.  Click here on tolerances to learn more about how these affect pricing.


  • Laser Cutting
    See Video 1 below
  • CNC automated punching
    CNC Punching. CNC Metal Punching. Sheet Metal Punching. Sheet fabrication engineering.
    Aluminum sheet fabrication. Stainless steel sheet fabrication. See Video 2 below
  • CNC laser cutting
    Laser cutting CNC.  5 axis CNC laser cutting. See video 1 below
  • CNC bending
    Sheet Metal Bending. CNC Metal Bending.  See video 3 below
  • Robot welding
    Automated Welding. CNC Robot Welding.  See video 4 below
  • Arc and Tig welding
    Welding Stainless Steel. Welding Cast Iron. See video 5 below
  • Aluminum welding
    Tig welding aluminum. Welding Aluminium.  See video 5 below
  • Industrial Powder Coating Services. Powder Coating Process. See Video 6 below


Video 2 - CNC Punching

Video 3 - CNC Bending

Video 4 - Robot Welding

Video 5 - Manual Welding

Video 6 - Powder Coating



If you are looking for a reliable metal fabrication source backed by top quality and competitive prices contact us now.

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See videos of all the major processes we work in.  Click VIDEO to view videos.  Click PAGE to open corresponding page:

Investment casting:


Sand casting:




Permanent mold gravity casting:


Lost foam casting:


CNC laser cutting:


CNC bending:


CNC punching:


Aluminum extrusion:


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CNC lathe:


Robot welding:


Manual welding:


Powder coating:


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ChinaSavvy is a western-owned & managed sub-contract manufacturing and sourcing company providing world-class quality at China prices. We are driven by a passion for quality and excellence.
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